BC & The Big Rig
Tulsa, Ok
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The Weekly Rant is just my opinions of "cool" and "not so cool" things that I run into in the every day life of being a musician in the so called "music biz".. Just my opinion.. take it or leave it.. agree or disagree.. 
     Well, we've had BC & The Big Rig rolling for a little over a year now. More shows are rolling in. Bigger shows are being offered. Travel opportunities and Festivals are on the books and everything seems to be going well. 
     If you know anything about the music biz, when I put BCB to rest, it was essentially starting over. Doesn't really matter what I've done in the past, a clean slate means starting from ground zero in every aspect of the music business. It's been a good, fresh, clean, nearly no hiccups, start. 
     The guys in the band are top notch musicians and even better people/friends. I can honestly say I've had more fun in the last year playing music than I've had in the last 10 or so years in this biz. Everything about the band is what I love about music and bands.  Guitar riffs, guitarmonies, everyone in the band sings, harmonies, cool bass licks, huge drums and fills,  and really just the overall comradery of the band. It's truely like there's nothing we can't take on that we can't whip it's butt..
     Every gig is a blast and week in week out we can't wait for the gigs to get there so we can rock out. It's a total blast. It's reminded me of why I started playing in the first place.

     If you haven't seen the Big Rig yet, what are you waiting for? I've started using the term "Do you remember how to rock and roll?" because in a world of dj's and solo singer/songwriter type folks filling the venues and airwaves, it seems that just being a good, working rock and roll band has kind of been thrown to the side. We're bringing it back. One person, gig, State, etc.. at a time.. :) Get on board and check it out. 

     See ya around,